Stocks static week-on-week amid budget-related worries

Stocks static week amid budget worries

KARACHI: In a rare photo finish, the KSE-100 index ended the week on Friday at 36,694 points, keeping the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) at exactly where it was a week ago. The bulls took a breather due to several reasons, including the low liquidity because of the futures rollover week. Even the lure of MSCI reclassification decision on June 14 failed to attract investors, who seemed slightly worried over news flow of higher taxation in the upcoming budget. The average daily traded volume shrank 23pc to 249 million shares, from…

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‘Freedom of expression being curbed on pretext of national security’

‘Freedom of expression being curbed

ISLAMABAD: At an event on Saturday, PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar said a new model for democracy is forming in Pakistan, under which the steering of the vehicle – the government – will be in the hands of a political personality, while the “clutch and accelerator” will be controlled from the backseat. He said this vehicle would definitely face a devastating accident. Mr Babar was speaking at a ‘Consultation on the Development in Freedom of Expression in Pakistan’, arranged by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. He said this practice needed…

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