Article 6 has become redundant


Article 6 has become redundant ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani on Tuesday lamented that Article 6 of the Constitution has become “redundant”.

While talking to Hamid Mir in Geo News’ programme Capital Talk, the Senate chairman said: “I say it today with great regret that Article 6 has now become redundant”.

“Only the people of Pakistan can safeguard the Constitution and democratic institutions of the country,” he maintained.

Rabbani warned against any ‘experiments’ — new or old — with the Constitution or the democratic system of the country.

“If there is any attempt to tinker with the Constitution again, any new experiments or old ones with new labels, [it] would sound major alarm bells for the federation,” he said.

The Senate chairman, along with National Party Chief Hasil Bazinjo, was giving an overview of the newly renovated “Constitution gallery” which documents the historical struggle for formation of Constitution of Pakistan.

The Constitution Gallery has been constructed by the students of National College of Arts (NCA) in collaboration with the upper house and it documents all major developments of the political struggle.

On the occasion, Bazinjo said: “General Musharraf should have been hanged under Article 6, yet he is living abroad and enjoying. Now he [Musharraf] will obviously say that democracy is not appropriate for Pakistan.”

Rabbani also expressed disappointment over the state curriculum which neglects the people’s struggle in formation of the Constitution.


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