Asim having ‘panic attacks’, says report

dr asim PPPP

KARACHI: Panic attacks strike Dr Asim Hussain whenever he sees or recalls a person wearing Rangers uniform, according to a report submitted to an accountability court on Saturday by a psychiatrist treating the former federal minister at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Karachi.

“In his case seeing or remembering a person wearing Rangers uniform will result is panic attacks, which consist of symptoms like extreme anxiety, fear of death, and cold clammy extremities… etc. It may last for 30-60 minutes,” the report said.

It said it was one of the two ‘most paramount and disturbing symptoms’ that had been selected to be addressed first.

Explaining the other symptom, the report said Dr Hussain had confessed that he tried his best to block the memory of his most stressful events.

“One of the examples is that he would not remember the days he spent blindfolded and in isolation. His executive functioning is disturbed due to cognitive impairment.”

The report said: “Dr Asim will keep awake all night and sleep at 6am, fearing that Rangers would kidnap him in the middle of night as they did at the NICVD.”

It referred to a report by a medical board at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases where Dr Hussain had been admitted last year.

The board reported that the patient was taken away along with his medical records by Rangers “without informing the administration”.

The new report claimed: “On 12th March at 12.30am a team of Rangers appeared suddenly and started filming him and the room. He managed not to be photographed but they were filming the room and surrounding for quite some time.”


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