Bajaur elders oppose repeal of FCR

Bajaur elders oppose repeal of FCR

Bajaur elders oppose repeal of FCR KHAR: Elders of various tribes of Bajaur Agency on Monday vowed to work for protecting local customs and traditions, saying that they would not allow anyone to disrupt tribal civilisation in the name of reforms in the current system in Fata.

They made the announcement during a meeting held here, which was attended by elders and notables belonging to different tribes and areas.

The participants condemned the workers of political and religious parties for their efforts regarding repeal of Frontier Crimes Regulation in the tribal areas. They said that they would not allow anyone to abolish the colonial law in the tribal areas as the current system was ‘necessary’ for peace, stability and development in the region.

However, the elders said that they were not against the reforms and amendments in the current governance system in the tribal areas, but the reforms should be according to the wishes of elders not the ‘immature’ political activists.

The tribal elders never opposed amendments in the current system but such changes should not be against the tribal customs and traditions,” insisted an elder.

They elders claimed that they were the most sensible and responsible people who knew well about the drawbacks and disadvantages of repeal of FCR in the tribal areas.

Everyone in the tribal areas, especially the political and religious activists, are crying for abolishing the FCR but they do not know about its disadvantages,” pointed out a participant.

They argued that the people of tribal areas would not adjust to the country’s regular laws and complicated policing system, thus they wanted the government to implement reforms on a gradual basis.

The participants said those who wanted to abolish the FCR were not loyal to their region as the step would ‘disturb’ the law and order in the tribal areas.

The elders, however, admitted that some articles in the FCR were against the basic human rights.

According to the elders, customs and traditions were the pride of tribal people and these were the principles for a peaceful and civilised society in the tribal areas.

The elders stressed the need of joint efforts to improve the jirga system in order to restore the people’s confidence in the mechanism.

SECURITY MEASURES: The political administration has enhanced security of its offices in the Civil Colony in Khar to thwart any unpleasant incident, but the move is causing inconvenience to the local people.

Local residents visiting the offices told Dawn they were subjected to strict security checks by the Levies personnel at the main gate of the Civil Colony. They said for the first time they had seen such security measures at the political compound that troubled them.

Some people complained that while influential people were allowed entry without any hassle, others were made to stand in line for long periods.

An official of the local administration confirmed the fresh security arrangements in the Civil Colony, and said the measures had been taken on the directives of the political agent. The official, however, did not specify the reason for strict security.


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