Change in course of river poses threat

Change in course of river poses threat

Change in course of river poses threat UPPER DIR: The local river has changed course that poses threat to the beautiful forest in Kumrat valley but authorities seem unconcerned about the issue.

During a visit to the valley, it was observed that the Kumrat River was destroying the precious deodar trees in the forest as its water was eroding the soil.

“The beauty of Kumrat valley is linked with these trees. The forest has covered the whole valley, making it a dreamland,” said residents of the area.

Local people, tourists ask authorities to protect the precious trees

They said that the river changed course after the last floods. They said that Kumrat valley attracted a large number of tourists after PTI chairman Imran Khan paid a visit to it in May last.

The local residents said that thousands of tourists from across the country visited Kumrat valley during the last Eidul Fitr. The deodar of Kumrat is famous for its quality.

The exports said that average age of deodar trees in the forest was more than 200 years.

“The river will destroy the forest if it is not diverted. The water will erode the land and the precious forest will be destroyed,” they feared.

The officials of forest department and district administration as well as politicians often visit Kumrat valley in summer to enjoy natural beauty of the area.

However, seem unaware of the threat posed to the forest by the river.

Mohammad Kamran, a tourist, said that he was disappointed to see the precious trees being destroyed due to change in course of the river.

He said that it was the responsibility of forest department to make proper arrangements to protect the precious forest.

Asim Kamal, another tourist, said that the forest was a source of beauty in Kumrat valley. Kumrat would lose its charm for tourists if the forest was destroyed, he added.

He said forest department and local administration should build retaining walls along the river and make other arrangements to stop the water from entering the forest.

Ikramud Din, a local resident of Byar, said that deodar trees were also cut ruthlessly in Kumrat to use its wood as fuel. He said that government and forest department should take stern action against the people involved in cutting of trees. “If proper attention is not paid to the issue, the forest of precious deodar trees in Kumrat will become a thing of past,” said residents of the area.

They said that the picturesque Kumrat valley would lose its natural beauty if the forest was destroyed. “It will be shocking both for government and people of Upper Dir,” they added.


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