Cruz and Kasich team up to defeat Trump

Cruz and Kasich team up to defeat Trump

NEW YORK: In a desperate move to deny Donald Trump the nomination of Republican Party for the presidency, candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich have joined forces to defeat him.

The plan unfolded on Sunday night as the two decided to join forces against Trump. Cruz and Kasich believe that Trump will be beaten by Hillary Clinton in the November election. Most polls say that Ms Clinton will beat them all by double digit.

The two candidates issued statements saying they would divide their efforts for the coming contests, with Cruz focusing on Indiana and Kasich on Oregon and New Mexico.

The strategy — something the two campaigns have been working on for weeks — is aimed at blocking Trump from gaining 1,237 delegates necessary to claim the Republican nomination this summer. Trump is crying foul, but it seems the party will not weigh in on the state of affairs. The extraordinary moves reflect the national strength Trump has shown and the inability of Republicans who oppose the New York billionaire to come together to stop him. Dividing up some of the remaining primary states by putting forward one strong alternative to Trump in each could be enough to take away delegates and curb the maverick politician’s run to the nomination.

Trump is the only candidate who can realistically get a first-ballot victory — there’s no mathematical path for Cruz or Kasich to clinch the nomination heading into the convention. Analysts believe Trump is poised for a strong performance on Tuesday, when Republicans in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island head to the polls.

Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe said in a statement the Texas senator would focus on the May 3 Indiana primary. He called Trump at top of the Republican ticket “a sure disaster.” “To ensure that we nominate a Republican who can unify the Republican Party and win in November, our campaign will focus its time and resources in Indiana and in turn clear the path for Gov. Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico.”

Donald Trump reacted to the move in his inimitable fashion: “Wow, just announced that Lyin’ Ted and Kasich are going to collude in order to keep me from getting the Republican nomination.”


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