Erosion of home and hearth

Erosion of home and hearth

Erosion of home and hearth LAYYAH: Continuous erosion of the river Indus has spread to thousands of acres of land and displaced a large number of families.

The river erosion has been going on for the last six years and stretched to nine-kilometre fertile land in Mauza Lohanch and Dullo Nashaib. The river is now flowing four kilometres away from Layyah city.

“It has affected Basti Suhiya, Basti Gishkori, Basti Bada Mohana, Basti Dullo, Basti Jarh and Basti Chandhrer of Union Council Lohanch Nashaib during the last six years,” says Syed Sajjad Hussain, a resident of Basti Suhiya.

“We are dismantling our homes and carrying away goods to safer places at our own expenses and the district government has not provided us with any sort of help,” he deplores.

“The government should help the displaced move to safer places and should provide 10-marla land to each of the displaced family,” demands social activist Zahid. “The children of the displaced families are also deprived of education as they are out of schools and the district government should devise a strategy to enroll them in schools,” says Niaz Gilani, coordinator of Alif Ailaan.

A local resident urges the government to take appropriate measures to check river erosion and save the home and hearth of people. He points out that peasants and farmers are facing economic crunch because of destruction of their land and crops.


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