Geo television goes off air after moving to Paksat


KARACHI: One of the biggest television channels of Pakistan, Geo television went off air across Pakistan after moving to Paksat’s newly commissioned satellite service.

According to the channel’s website, the channel with the help of the Paksat Technical Network Center shifted all its channels to Paksat on March 31 and despite informing the cable operators, the channel was informed by Pakistani officials that it can be taken off-air.

The media group claims that its satellite contract with its existing satellite provider ended this month, and they moved to Paksat.

The channel’s employees, especially the news and talkshow hosts tweeted about the channel’s closure.

The channel’s website protested what it called the ‘discriminatory’ attitude of authorities regarding Geo TV, adding that the channel has already incurred a loss of billions of rupees as it’s distribution system on the cable network had not been made fully operational by the government.

However, independent reports and tweets later confirmed that the channel is back on television sets.

PAKSAT-1R, Pakistan’s first Communications Satellite is a part of Pakistan’s Space Programme 2040.

PAKSAT-1R has a design life of 15 years and provides TV broadcasting, Internet and data communication services across South and Central Asia, Eastern Europe, East Africa and the Far East. This satellite enables extending of communication services to all areas of Pakistan.


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