Greens cost more than double

Greens cost more than double

Greens cost more than double

KARACHI: Prices of vegetables increased significantly after Eidul Fitr while tomato and chicken rates reverted to their pre-Eid level.

Retailers were seen demanding Rs80 per kg for ridge gourd (Tori) as compared to Rs40-50 per kg prior to Eid while bottle gourd (Lauki) now sells at Rs100-120 per kg as compared to Rs40-50 per kg.

There was no price change in cucumber which soared to Rs100 per kg a few days before Eid from Rs50 per kg and it is selling at higher rates.

Lady finger price swelled to Rs100 per kg from Rs60 while carrot is now available at Rs120 per kg as compared to Rs80.

Garlic price increased to Rs70-80 per 250 grams from Rs50. Consumers are paying Rs10 per bunch of coriander. Apple gourd price rose to Rs80 from Rs60 per kg.

A retailer said he used to bring coriander bunch at Rs5 each but for the last few days the rate had surged to Rs10 per bunch. “We are selling the bunch of coriander to consumers at Rs10 by reducing its quantity,” he said.

He said that there was a shortage of vegetables at the Super Highway wholesale market owing to limited supplies from the upcountry. He said that Iranian cucumber has also found its way to the market and is being sold at Rs80 per kg.

Tomato price came back to Rs50-60 per kg from peak of Rs160-200 per kg ahead of Eid. President, Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable Market, Super Highway, Haji Shahjehan, attributed the price-hike to slow arrivals from the up-country due to off-season. He said people are using tomato, onion, cucumber from Balochistan crop.

He said supply of greens may improve from next month as some arrivals from other areas of Sindh are expected.

Chicken price also came down to pre-Eid level. However, meat merchants, who had pushed up the rate of beef and mutton kept the rates unchanged after Eid.

There was no role of the city government in controlling profiteering by retailers neither during Ramazan, nor after Eid as retailers are charging high prices without any fear of being nabbed and wholesalers have doubled the rates.

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS)figures, export of vegetables fell to 667,593 tonnes fetching $200 million in July-May 2015-2016 as compared to 710,265 tonnes worth $217 million in the same period of last fiscal year.


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