Hello Hollywood: Komal Rizvi


Hello Hollywood: Komal Rizvi 

While some of our stars set their sights on Bollywood, Komal Rizvi went a step further.

The singer turned actress recently announced at a luncheon this weekend that she will be taking on a lead role in an upcoming Hollywood flick titledAfreen.

Speaking to Images, Rizvi shares, “I’m really excited to have been given this opportunity, it’s the first time a Pakistani will be doing the title role in an international film. I’m leaving for Toronto in a couple of days; I’m very focused on doing a good job and I just hope I make Pakistani proud.”

The message of the movie is very pro-Pakistan and anti-terrorism,” she adds.

The movie is being directed by a Canadian-Indian filmmaker, Ashish Chanana and shooting starts 2 October.

Source: http://images.dawn.com/news/1176315/hello-hollywood-komal-rizvi-set-to-make-her-international-debut-in-arfeen

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