India only good at hurling threat Musharraf


India only good at hurling threat Musharraf ISLAMABAD: India is only good at hurling threats but if Pakistani military decides to act on them the response will assume a far more practical form, said chairman of the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) retired General Pervez Musharraf on Saturday.

Speaking by telephone to APML workers on the party’s sixth foundation day, Gen Musharraf criticised India’s attitude and alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had become the enemy of minorities living in his own country.

“India should realise that Pakistan is not Bhutan. India has a habit of levelling allegations against Pakistan each time there’s an attack on its soil,” he said.

Former president says he wants to return to Pakistan but doing so at this time will be of no use

The former president said that due to its government’s wrong policies, Pakistan has become isolated internationally.

“It is astonishing that the government has taken and spent a loan of $35 billion but not a single beneficial megaproject has been completed with that money. Instead, the people have been suffering because of the government’s corruption,” he said.

Gen Musharraf said he wanted to return to Pakistan but doing so at this time would be of no use.

“I have a problem in my backbone which is being treated. Coming back to Pakistan now will be of no use because I will not be allowed to move about freely.”

He said he would return to the country once the cases initiated against him reached a logical conclusion.

The APML would take part in the elections of 2018 for which the party could enter into alliances with some parties, he added.


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