It’ll take a ‘Fargo’ to bring Fawad Khan back to TV

It'll take a 'Fargo' to bring Fawad Khan back to TV

Fawad Khan fans would love to see him on TV again. Even if it’s only to watch their favourite star turn on the charm more often!

But it looks like that won’t happen any time soon.

The Kapoor & Sons actor says he’ll return to TV once Pakistan starts to experiment with some new genres.

According to DNA India., Fawad Khan said, “I would love to do TV again, but probably in a different way.”

“Something on the lines of the American series Fargo would be great. Or even a True Detective kind of show. Maybe, a House of Cards,” he continued, listing his favourite American series.

“Something out of the ordinary and elements where the content is relevant. If it’s getting made, then why not? I will jump on to it,” he concluded.

There you have it, ladies. No more soap operas for Fawad Khan!


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