I’ve always been socially awkward: Anushka Sharma

I’ve always been socially awkward Anushka Sharma

With the release of the song Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai, we’re even more excited for the release of Sultan right around the corner.

The movie’s leading lady Anushka Sharma is known for her energetic performances and dedication to her work. But did we know that she’s actually an introvert? She fessed up the same in an interview with The Hindustan Times.

“There was a time when people in the industry thought I was snobbish! I’ve always been socially awkward; I wasn’t a very outgoing person so some people probably took that as me being a snob and aloof.”

Sharma never let the perception get the better of her: “The fact remains that I wasn’t pretending. I am a little guarded as a person. I talk about what I do and my life, but there’s still some amount of privacy I require.”

“If I’m honest and straightforward as a person, I can’t suddenly become someone else. I’ve never pretended to be someone I’m not nor have I said things I don’t understand. I’ve never shied away from speaking my mind or owning up to things,” she adds.

Anushka will be taking on the role of Aarfa in the biographical sports drama: “As actors, we get very little time to do what is needed. I had six weeks to look the part and to train to be a wrestler.”

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