Khizr Khan fires up Clinton rally


Khizr Khan fires up Clinton rally NEW YORK: Pakistan-born Khizr Khan, the father of a soldier killed in Iraq, literally set the crowd at the Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire on fire. news reports said.

He portrayed a dark vision of the country if Republican Donald Trump were to win Tuesday’s presidential election.

Khan who fired up the democratic convention in July again asked Trump rhetorically “I have a few questions for you,” Donald Trump, would my son Captain Humayun Khan have a place in your America?”

A scattering of attendees responded, “No.”

“Would Muslims have a place in your America?” The answer grew louder: “No.”

“Would Latinos have a place in your America?” “No,” the audience erupted.

“Would African-Americans have a place in your America?”

“No,” they said, growing louder.

“Would anyone who is not like you have a place in your America?” an animated Mr. Khan concluded. The crowd now yelled in unison, some thrusting fits and Clinton-Kaine signs in the air: “No!”

“Well, thankfully, Mr. Trump, this isn’t your America,” Mr. Khan said.

For the past two days, Mrs. Clinton has tried to make a closing argument focused on urging voters to reject what she called Mr. Trump’s “dark and divisive vision of America” and instead choose her “hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted, united America.”

Mr. Khan, who delivered a resounding speech in July at the Democratic National Convention when he pulled a copy of the Constitution out of his jacket pocket and waved it as he talked about Mr. Trump, to bring an emotional core to the message.

Hillary Clinton appears to remain four points ahead of Donald Trump in the presidential race, as the race entered the final stretch.

Trump not sleeping much

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump requires constant assurance that his candidacy is on track and is struggling to suppress his “bottomless need” for attention even as he portrays being calm and confident as the election enters the home stretch, a media report said.

“Donald J Trump is not sleeping much these days. Aboard his gold-plated jumbo jet, the Republican candidate does not like to rest or be alone with his thoughts, insisting that aides stay up and keep talking to him.


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