Misguided’ people fighting with state Balochistan minister

Misguided’ people fighting with state Balochistan minister

KARACHI: Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti said on Tuesday that the people fighting against the state in his province never wanted to do so but they had been misguided by a few “feudal lords and landlords” who were leading a luxurious life in Europe and would never return.

Addressing a seminar at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) jointly organised by the Indus Chronicles and KPC, he said that the government had kept the doors of dialogue open and that’s why many militants had surrendered and were now leading a normal life.

“Till a few years ago, you all knew about the terrorist activities and targeted killings in Balochistan,” he said. “During the past more than two years, the situation has completely changed and terrorism in the name of religion and sects has been brought to almost zero. Similarly, for other kinds of terrorism we have adopted a two-pronged strategy. We have kept the dialogue’s door open and initiated a Pur Amn Balochistan Programme for militants so that they could join mainstream”.

He said the largest province of the country had long been neglected and the responsibility of the current situation was commonly shared by all the institutions. The decades-old wounds required consistent efforts and would take time to heal up, he added.

“But I feel confident to say that the consistent effort is there and situation has started improving,” said Mr. Bugti. “Many would not believe but I am sharing this with facts and figures that today crime rate in Faisalabad is higher than entire Balochistan. Lasting peace demands economic stability and promising future for young generation. For that, a number of development projects had been supporting government efforts to achieve its target.”

Source: http://www.dawn.com/news/1253249/misguided-people-fighting-with-state-balochistan-minister

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