Murad Ali Shah removing barriers outside CM House

Murad Ali Shah removing barriers CM House

Murad Ali Shah removing barriers CM House KARACHI: The newly appointed chief minister of Sindh began his first day in office Saturday by ordering the removal of barriers and encroachments erected around the CM House in Karachi.

Sworn in as the top provincial government representative just yesterday, Murad Ali Shah earned praise today for his decision to remove barriers that stood as a familiar part of the CM House security structure.

Shah said as a public representative, his job was to facilitate the masses and not cause problems for them.

Several concrete barricades could previously be seen along one side of the thoroughfare that passes outside the CM House on Karachi’s Dr Ziauddin Ahmed road, often congesting traffic – especially in rush hours.

Barricades in the street leading to the CM house will also be removed, DawnNews reported.

The road is often blocked for the public during VIP movements and security threats. But on Saturday, lifters could be seen removing concrete barriers from outside the CM House.

Reports suggest Shah is also in talks to trim the number of police cars used in the CM’s official protocol.


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