No independent senator from Fata has arms: ECP

No independent senator from Fata has arms ECP

ISLAMABAD: None of the eight independent senators, despite being tribal leaders who have a tradition of possessing multiple licensed weapons for themselves or their bodyguards, have declared owning any weapon in statements of assets filed by them to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Aurangzeb Khan, an independent Senator from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, has a flat and some land in Dubai valued at Rs178.75 million and five properties, including a house in Murree, worth Rs477.50m.

He has several business ventures outside Pakistan, mainly in the Gulf region, worth Rs46m, a luxury SUV valued at Rs18m and Rs31.19m in cash and banks.

Taj Mohammad Afridi has assets, including agricultural, commercial and residential properties, mainly in Karachi, worth Rs842.60m.

Momin Khan, with a net worth of Rs318.59m, has six properties valued at Rs34.43m. He owns a petrol pump worth Rs340,000 and Rs271.13m in banks. His spouse has 100 tolas of gold.

Sajjad Turi has two properties in Islamabad valued at Rs51m, business worth Rs372.61m and six vehicles whose value has not been stated in the statement.

He has Rs47.10m in cash or banks and gold and household furniture worth more than Rs1m. He has a liability of Rs10m and pays premium for eight insurance policies.

Malik Najamul Hassan owns coal mines in Orakzai Agency and uncultivated land in the same area. He has stated in his statement that the value of these assets is ‘unlimited’.

His agricultural land and a house in Orakzai Agency are worth Rs55m and the value of his other properties in Kohat is Rs16.5m.

He has a vehicle of Rs7m and Rs7.4m in cash or banks, while gold and other household items owned by him and his wife are worth Rs3.5m.

Hidayatullah owns a marble factory, a petrol station and other properties worth Rs170.80m, but he has stated that the value of his marble mines in Bajaur Agency cannot be assessed.

He has an oil tanker and a luxury vehicle both worth Rs8m and Rs7.5m in cash or banks, while the household items, including gold jewellery, owned by his wife are worth Rs3.90m.

Hilalur Rehman has claimed that he has no house and his only property is an industrial plot worth Rs500,000 in Mohmand Agency. His mining business is valued at Rs8m and his bank accounts have Rs783,000. He has no vehicle nor does his wife possess any jewellery.

Mohammad Saleh Shah does not hold any business in the country or abroad. He has not received any remittance nor made any investment in the country.

However, he has a house in Murree and another in Islamabad worth Rs24m, Rs900,000 in banks and two cars valued at Rs3.95m. His spouse has 100 tolas of gold and their household furniture is worth Rs2m.

Mohammad Youaf Badin, independent Senator from Balochistan, has assets valued at Rs220.56m, including prize bonds worth Rs102m. He has 12 residential, agricultural and commercial properties across the country worth Rs69m and his construction business is valued at Rs21.59m.

His wife owns jewellery worth Rs1.5m and their household furniture is valued at Rs2m, but they do not have any vehicle.

Independent Senator from Punjab Mohsin Leghari has livestock worth Rs1.2m and huge tracts of agricultural land in D.G. Khan and Rahim Yar Khan districts. He has around Rs4.58m in cash or banks, but he has no investments inside or outside the country.

Mr Leghari owns a plot in DHA, Lahore, worth Rs10m, while he has inherited six other residential and agricultural properties.

He has a car worth Rs1.1m and his spouse possesses 80 tolas of gold and furniture worth Rs1.2m as dowry gifts.


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