No solid evidence found in Sabri case

No solid evidence found in Sabri murder case

No solid evidence found in Sabri case KARACHI: Amid media speculations about some arrests and a headway in the Amjad Sabri investigations, police authorities denied any arrest in the murder case though initial findings indicated that over half a dozen suspects were picked up and grilled before being declared “clear” and set free, officials and sources said on Thursday.

The eight people picked up for interrogation included close friends, business aides and domestic worker of the renowned Qawwal apart from professional criminals and hitmen associated with a political party and a banned militant outfit.

The facts emerged in a report filed to the relevant authorities by a police team which had been given the task of investigation into the targeted killing.

The sources said the report was filed after untiring efforts which continued for weeks yet it could only be called “initial findings”, as the investigation were still on and police were busy connecting dots with the help of intelligence agencies and eyewitness accounts.

“The investigations are moving fast,” said a source privy to the so far details of the probe into Sabri murder. “But if you ask about any particular arrest on ground of solid evidence — the answer is no. Dozens of people, including eyewitnesses, the victim’s family members, friends, colleagues and others were questioned only to gather maximum facts about his life and any threat he had discussed with any of them. A number of credible facts have been gathered which has helped accelerated the pace of investigations.”

Asked about the people who were detained, interrogated and grilled on suspicion of murder, the sources cited the recently-filed report which had referred to details of eight people but all of them were set free after detailed investigation.

“A member of the political party, who lived near Sabri’s home, was picked up from Liaquatabad,” said another source citing the report. “He had history of police arrest and active political life in the area. He’s one of the very active members of the party’s organisational structure in his area. The police also conducted raids on his leads and picked up his fellow activists as well but nothing credible emerged so he was declared clear and set free.”

Then the police detained a member of the banned outfit but investigations which continued for some days did not lead the police investigators to anything related to Mr Sabri murder and convinced the police to declare him “clear” as well, he said, adding that the police also interrogated two suspects who were arrested by the Federal B. Area Industrial police after an encounter.

“The two were actually arrested during a street crime activity,” he said. “But during initial probe, their crime record and some facts cast doubts about their involvement in Mr Sabri’s murder. They were handed over to the police team tasked with the investigation of the Amjad Sabri murder case, but it set them free after questioning them and finding nothing to corroborate doubts with the facts.”

Apart from these four people who had history of criminal life and political association, he said, the police investigators also picked up the owner of an eatery, a domestic worker, a businessman and an old friend who had direct links with renowned Qawwal for different reasons. However, all of them were not found even close to the murder and were set free.


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