Over 350,000 Afghans return home: UN


Over 350,000 Afghans return home: UN ISLAMABAD: More than 350,000 Afghan refugees have returned to their war-torn homeland from Pakistan this year, UN data shows, with the torrent of people crossing the border expected to continue.

This week the Office for the Coordination of Hum­anitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Afghanistan released up­­dated figures that in­­clu­­de the number of undocumented refugees crossing the border. “So far this year, 162,186 undocumented returnees and 207,236 registered retu­rnees (369,422) have retu­r­ned to Afghanistan from Pakistan,” an OCHA statement said. “We expect a further 446,000 Afghans to arrive before year-end.”

Source: http://www.dawn.com/news/1290891/over-350000-afghans-return-home-un

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