Qavi says exonerated from Qandeel case

Qavi says exonerated from Qandeel case

Qavi says exonerated from Qandeel case MULTAN: Mufti Abdul Qavi says he has been exonerated from the murder case of social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch.

He told reporters on Monday whosoever was involved in the murder of Ms Baloch must be punished.

Police had sent a questionnaire to Qavi to ascertain facts as both he and Ms Baloch had been in news for their selfies.

He said that 23 days before her killing, Ms Baloch had apologised through a text message to him. He said the allegation by her mother that Qavi was involved in the killing was baseless.

Ms Baloch was found killed in her rented house in the Muzaffarabad area on July 15. Police arrested her brother Waseem dubbing him the main accused and his cousin Haqnawaz.

According to police sources, Waseem and Haqnawaz told investigators they had planned to dispose of the body of Ms Baloch in the river but they could not shift the body to the car because of the presence of the people in the street to mourn a neighbor’s death.

Had they been succeeded in disposing of the body, no one would have noticed the disappearance of the model for a long time, and meanwhile they would have fled the country, police quoted the accused as having said.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Haqnawaz gagged her while Waseem was holding Qandeel’s hands and feet. Accused Haqnawaz is in police custody while Waseem has been sent to the district jail on judicial remand.


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