Russia tests Sineva ballistic missile


Russia tests Sineva ballistic missile Russia tested a Sineva ballistic missile from a submarine, reported Russian news agency Sputnik on Thursday.

The missile was fired from a nuclear submarine and Russian authorities claimed the test was successful.

“Russia’s Delta-IV class Novomoskovsk strategic nuclear submarine conducted on Wednesday a successful test launch of a R-29RM Sineva ballistic missile from the Barents Sea,” Sputnik quoted the Defence Ministry.

“The simulated warhead successfully hit the designated target…confirming the high level of combat readiness in the Northern Fleet’s submarine force,” the statement said.

The ministry said that the submarine “launched the Sineva (Nato reporting name SS-N-23) missile from a submerged position targeting a designated area at the Kura testing range” on the Kamchatka Peninsula.


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