Smog likely to continue till December


Smog likely to continue till December The prevailing smoggy weather condition is likely to continue in the months of November and December with light and heavy waves across the province of Punjab, Chief Meteorologist Mohammad Riaz told APP, here on Friday.

However, the smoggy situation has currently reduced in intensity and its density has decreased especially during day times, he added.

“Complete eradication of smog depends on rain, which is not expected in the next few weeks,” said Riaz.

Less than average rainfall is expected in the months of November and December; therefore, smog, fog and mist will remain prevalent and higher concentration of smog is expected in urban areas, he added.

The government of Punjab is considering a proposal to shut schools as smog has gripped parts of the province, igniting health fears and causing road accidents.

Health experts said that smog can cause eye and ear allergies, advising people to wash them with clean water several times daily.

According to the Provincial Monitoring Cell of Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122), at least 17 people died in different smog-related incidents in Punjab on Friday, while the haze has resulted in outbreak of diseases in several cities of the province.

At least two people were killed and five others injured on Friday when two trucks collided near Harrappa, Sahiwal.

Motorway authorities have advised commuters to travel at low speed and use fog lamps to avoid accidents. It is also advised to travel in groups and maintain distance between cars.

The Met office has predicted light rains in some parts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and upper Punjab during the next 24 hours, which will bring some temporary relief to people.


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