Tableeghi Jamaat endorses polio drops


Tableeghi Jamaat endorses polio drops LAHORE: Maulana Ihsanul Haq of the Aalmi Tableeghi Jamaat on Monday said that though the Jamaat neither issue fatwa (religious edict) nor can go for the media campaign, it does support vaccination of children against polio.

“It is a noble task which should be supported,” he told the participants in a briefing that was convened to brief religious scholars of the party on polio. Some individual members and doctors of the party have already supported the cause.

Maulana Haq said the International Research Council for Religious Affairs would support religious scholars working for the cause. He said with support of religious scholars, Pakistan would soon get rid of polio.

Participants from the regional office (Karachi, Rawalpindi and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) also met him and supported the programme.


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