Top list of Ahmad Shahzad’s favourites


Top list of Ahmad Shahzad’s favourites Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shahzad, in his engaging session with fans on twitter, revealed his liking and disliking about various issues ranging from favourite actor, first crush, football club, favourite players to dresses.

Shahzad who is renowned for his presence on social media, replied to various questions posed by his fans in a twitter session of #AskAhmad.

When asked about his first crush, Shahzad revealed that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was his first crush. Answering the question of fans, Shahzad termed legend Wasim Akram as his all-time favourite Pakistani cricketer and Shahid Afridi as his favourite all-rounder.

The session also turned to cricketer’s love for football world. When asked about the favourite football club, Shahzad disclosed that English club Manchester United was his favourite football club.

Answering the most important question of football arena, that who was his favourite Ronaldo or Messi, Shahzad weighed in with his opinion for Ronaldo.

Pakistan opening batsman was also asked about his biggest achievement in his life which he answered with his love for the country and wearing the green shirt.


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