Tribesmen warned against harbouring militants

Tribesmen warned against harbouring miltant

GHALANAI: Commandant Mohmand Rifles Col Hafiz Asif Iqbal has warned the tribesmen of strict action if they provided shelter or harbour the anti-state elements.

He made the warning while addressing a jirga here on other day.

The jirga was also attended by political agent Mahmood Aslam, Lt-Col Umair, assistant political agents and tribal elders from all tribes of the agency.

On the occasion, Col Iqbal asked the tribesmen to unite against miscreants and not to allow any anti-state element use their soil for carrying anti-state activities. He warned that houses of facilitators of militants would be demolished.

Mr Iqbal said militants sitting in Afghanistan carried out attacks in Pakistan, and asked the elders not to shelter such elements.

He said in case of an IED blast houses falling within the 300 yards area of the blast would be demolished.

He said committees would be formed at village level to inform the security forces and local administration about militant activities in the area.

The Mohmand Rifles chief said CNICs, domiciles and passports of facilitators of militants would be blocked and their properties confiscated. He said people facilitating Afghans get Pakistani CNICs would be proceeded against under the law.

Political agent Mahmood Aslam urged the tribesmen to safeguard their respective areas by fulfilling the territorial responsibility.

Tribal elders, Malik Ziarat Gul, Malik Fayaz, Malik Lal Habib Khewazi and Salim Sardar assured their full support to the security forces in curbing militancy.

They pointed out that India was using militants in Afghanistan to carry out attacks inside Pakistan.


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